SmartCardia Launches Cloud Based AI Platform and Patch for Real-Time Patient Monitoring, and monitoring of Covid Patients

SmartCardia Launches Cloud Based AI Platform and Patch for Real-Time Patient Monitoring, and monitoring of Covid Patients

SmartCardia Launches Cloud-Based AI Platform and Patch for Real-Time Patient Monitoring, and monitoring of Covid Patients.

SmartCardia SA announced today that it has received CE Class IIa certification for its cordless medical multi-sensor monitoring system, ScaAI patch, cloud AI and software. The AI platform is developed from millions of ECG segments annotated by cardiologists and certified cardiac technicians and performs real-time detection of important arrhythmia events at cardiologist level accuracy. The data is available in real time on secure cloud for immediate action by hospital staff and clinicians. The platform also presents a real-time dashboard for the clinician to view full-disclosure ECG at any instance and detect early deterioration of patient conditions. The ScaAI patch measures a complete set of physiological and vital parameters continuously, including the Electrocardiogram (ECG), heart rate, heart rate variability, pulse rate, respiration rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse transit time, skin temperature, activity and posture from a single miniaturized unit at clinical accuracy.

Monitoring systems today are mostly connected by cables to the patient, which are not only inconvenient to use, but also have high noise and false alarms when patients are on the move. With a growing demand to continuously monitor patients in hospital wards, nursing homes, emergency departments and homes, it is important to have an ultra-low noise, highly accurate system that can monitor patients’ vitals in real time. ScaAI patch has been designed ground-up to meet these stringent requirements

Dr. Srinivasan Murali, co-founder and CEO of SmartCardia

ScaAI patch and cloud platform presents a single unified solution to replace holter recorders, event monitors, mobile cardiac telemetry systems and ward monitors. Unlike existing systems, ScaAI patch is easy-to-wear, water resistant and can be used for up to 7 days on a single charge.

ScaAI patch solves an important issue facing cardiologists: obtaining long-term ECG under ultra-low noise with real-time detection of events. Most remote cardiac telemetry systems fail to capture complete full-disclosure ECG at any point and only present a limited set of events. Moreover, SmartCardia’s cloud dashboard allows the clinician and nursing staff to generate reports with all data staying locally at the hospital

Prof. Jean-Jacques Goy, Cardiologist at Clinique Cecil, Switzerland

SmartCardia’s core technology is based on several years of R&D from top researchers and clinicians across the world and validated in over 3000 patients in multiple clinical trials. It is working with key opinion leaders across a variety of clinical fields, from cardiovascular surgery, intensive care medicine, anesthesiology, vascular medicine, sleep and COPD to validate the unique insights provided by the system.

One of the biggest challenges in ECG monitoring is to obtain completely automated arrhythmia detection at cardiologist level accuracy. We have developed a complete end-to-end solution, re-defining patient monitoring: cable-free patch, automated AI analysis and obtaining multiple vitals

Dr. Francisco Rincon, co-founder and CTO of SmartCardia

SmartCardia is also starting collaboration with local hospitals to monitor COVID-19 patients. The system can be used to monitor respiratory distress in such patients, as well as detect in real time the effect on the heart due to medications, such as prolongation of QTc interval of ECG.

About SmartCardia:

SmartCardia SA is a Swiss medical device company with focus on clinical quality data and scientific validation. It is an ISO 13485 certified medical device manufacturer and meets the strict quality control standards for the solutions. The company is also ISO 27001 certified for data security and privacy.

The ScaAI patch is intended to be used by clinicians, experts and medically or nursing qualified personnel for continuously monitoring of non-invasive vital physiological parameters in adult population. The patch is intended to be used for monitoring adult patients in outpatient, home-care or in-hospital settings.

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