Combining medical wearable with artificial intelligence for actionable insights

SmartCardia’s platform combines medical wearable technology with Artificial Intelligence to provide unique insights into patient’s health. We have developed SmartNeuralNet, a world-leading machine learning technology that powers our medical wearables. Our mission is to empower the millions of patients with chronic conditions with actionable insights to improve their health.


Clinical quality platform

SmartCardia SA is a Swiss medical device company with focus on clinical quality data and validation.

We are an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified medical device manufacturer and we meet the strict quality control standards for our solutions. Our company is also ISO 27001 certified for data security and privacy. Moreover, our SmartWearable device is CE-marked as Class IIa medical device.

You can download our Information Security and Quality policies.


SmartCardia’s core technology is based on several years of R&D from top researchers and clinicians across the world.

Wearable deviceWearable device

The wearable device acquires several million data points per day of the patient continuously.

Real-time dataReal-time data

The end-node machine learning methods crunch the data in real-time, extracting relevant features and providing clinical insights


The deep learning SmartNeuralNet framework allows for real-time detection of abnormal health conditions.

Clinical data

SmartCardia’s wearable device has been validated by several leading hospitals and clinicians.

We are working with key opinion leaders across a variety of clinical fields, from cardiology, vascular medicine, sleep and COPD to validate the unique insights our system provides.

Clinical Data


SmartCardia SA Receives CE Medical Device Certification for its Wearable Medical Multi Sensor System

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